Message from Jerry Bridges

Lloyd Bridges Traveland family,

These are some difficult times and I wanted to connect to share a few thoughts about what’s going on.

1) With regards to the Michigan Executive Order to “stay at home” through April 13, we are doing the right thing by being closed. We have clarification from the state and from MARVAC today that RV dealers must be closed for sales. RV service departments can be open only for extremely limited circumstances, such as servicing critical infrastructure workers, but not the general public. I know that it is very frustrating that some of our competitors appear not to be complying with this order. However, at this time, I stand by the decision to protect this business and your health and to contribute to the health of the community. We are continuously assessing, and I will let you know if anything changes.

2) This won’t last forever. We’ll get through this and we’ll return to work as soon as we can. When we do, we’ll get back to our mission of making happy campers. Stay positive and look forward, as I do, to getting back to business as soon as we can.

3) Stay safe. There are lots of guidelines out there about how to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and you’ve heard them many times by now. Please follow them for your own health and that of our family, neighbors, and community. Stay at home as directed by the executive order, keep your distance from others and wash your hands frequently. I need everyone to stay healthy so we’re ready to kick some butt when we can get back to work.

I appreciate all of you and look forward to getting back to work.

Jerry Bridges